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Lava Jewellery

We Ensure Our Lava Jewellery Is Authentic

Lava jewellery is preferred by wearers and jewellers alike. The sponge-like nature of the beads means that they are light to wear, and it is also easy to work with. From cooled molten rock in a volcano to a solid black bead, you can wear a part of the earth and manifest a deeper connection to nature.

How to Tell if Your Lava Beads Are Real?

Since Pompei and the Pantheon, lava stone has been used in construction, made into souvenirs, and also used in jewellery. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there, and it can be hard to determine if your lava stone is real or fake. Here are a few tips to spot the difference:

  • The texture. The holes should be the first thing you look for in these stones. The holes should be random and not uniform as they were formed naturally. All our jewellery pieces have natural lava stone, with natural holes evident.
  • Colour. The beads in their most natural form are black or grey. They can be dyed, but you are assured of quality if they are black or grey, without the doubt whether they’re real or not.
  • Lasting. Lava is indestructible. If you wash your lava bracelets and they fade over time from the sun or other exposure, they are not authentic beads as they should keep their colour.

Feel a stronger connection to Earth and nature and feel grounded with lava beads while looking stylish. For instance, we combine lava beads with red sea coral and buttermilk amber for a beautiful, unique piece of jewellery.

How Are These Beads Made

Considering that the earth forms this stone in its belly at 1 000 degrees Celsius, spitting out the beads in the form of hardened lava, you may wonder how they mine or manufacture the beads from the indestructible form they have hardened into.

  • Lava becomes an extrusive igneous rock when it hits the earth's surface. Lava contains gas, bubbles, crystals and liquid and then solidifies into molten rock.
  • Lava rock is a natural substance that is mined and resold as mulch. They are often moulded for building, pot plants, landscape features, or making jewellery.
  • The rock in its original form is pumice charged with gas to harden into a frothy rock. It comes from young volcanic rock crushed to size and sent to manufacturing plants for various purposes.

We offer many other lava beads products and semi-precious stones to enhance energy and support you in difficult situations.

We Are More Than Just Our Lava Bracelets

Since lava is formed in the earth’s core, it is associated with rebirth. It is also said to bring about calmness and strength and allow the wearer to work through problems logically. Our other jewellery, such as amethyst, quartz, amber, howlite and opal, all have unique benefits for the wearer.

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