Distributing Amber Therapy Products

Enquiries into Distributing Amber Therapy products

Amber Therapy is a family business. We welcome your emails and enquiries in regards to distributing our hand made products in your store.

Why distribute Amber Therapy products?

* We are the proud owners of a trademark for our natural tick & flea collars - here in Australia, which means that other businesses selling amber tick & flea collars may be infringing on our trademark.

* We hand make our products here in Australia, giving that “personal touch” to each collar we make. Best of all, they are light weight, natural & Non Toxic! Attention to detail and customer service a high priority of ours.

* Our Amber Therapy Natural Tick & Flea Adjustable Pet CollarsTM are very popular, and we have received many enquiries both locally and internationally!

* They are perfect for your customers who prefer a “natural alternative” for their pets.

* Our collars come in a range of 10 sizes. We can make them at any size you like - with a 5cm adjustable chain, and a water / abrasion resistant line for strength.

* We can supply collars for you complete with packaging and care cards for 35% off RRP.

Please note:

* Our collars can be made from 15cm in length up to 65cm in length including chain and clasp.

* We have “Toffee” & “Multi” Amber (For collars 15cm up to 60cm in length), and we are slowly introducing a “Semi Precious” range – which consists of Amber & pink Rose Quartz, and Amber with purple Amethyst. Eventually, we will have natural Jaspers and agates available as well.

* We require a minimum of 10 collars per order.

* Postage will depend on the weight of your order. You may choose to increase the cost of the collars slightly to cover this expense.

* All prices include packaging with care card, brochure etc, so all details are there for your customers to read, helping them understand the science behind the benefits of natural Amber.

* We would require at around 1 weeks’ notice, as we require this time to make them for you – though we work hard to have orders made and ready for post in 3 days.

For Distributor enquiries - please send us an email.

We are currently open for enquiries for distributors in the states of Western Australia, Northern Territory, & New South Wales.

If we approve you to be a distributor of our collars, we will provide you with a unique code to use upon checkout here on the website, which will then give you the discount for your order.

Distributors of our Collars agree to abide by the following terms & conditions.

* All orders are to be placed on the website and paid for before they leave our workshop. Postage will be calculated upon checkout - as will your discounted distributor price upon putting in your distributor code.

* In some circumstances we will need up to a week to make your order, but we will communicate with you during this time.

* Amber Therapy Pet collars are to be sold as packaged by Amber therapy - complete with their engraved tag and care card. They are not to be removed from the packaging and sold loose under any circumstance.

This is due to our legal responsibilities we have as trademark owners.

* Please use our images and information when advertising, as the images are of high quality and the information will be informative and to the best of our knowledge for your customers. If you have customer questions, please contact us so we can assist you.

* You may advertise on Facebook as a distributor of our products, but please do not sell them on Ebay.

* Amber Therapy reserves the right to choose who will distribute our collars. If we choose to engage one business / individual per area, suburb or state, a contract will be written for both parties to adhere to. This contract will then give exclusive rights to you for an agreed location & time.